The core staff are social scientists based on economics and business. We deal with various social and economic science issues, especially on sustainable public policy, system dynamics, and risk management. Economics is the center of our research, but we have been trying to expand our research to other disciplines, such as, business administration, data science, computational economics, and experimental psychology. See below CVs and short bio for three core staff members and their interdisciplinary collaboration.


Founding Director

Sunghee Choi, Ph.D.

Sunghee Choi is the founding director of the EPRC and in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at Keimyung Univ. He has been serving as an energy policy advisor for various pubic agencies, such as, Prime Minister's Office of Rep. of Korea, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Korea Energy Economics Institute, etc.  Using econometric techniques and experimental methods, Prof. Choi attempts to better understand behavior of energy market participants and policy-makers. His current works focus on two areas: (1) eye-tracking experiment to discover intrinsic incentive of the agents in energy-environment-economy system (2) agent-based model designing to simulate evolution of the system. Please see his CV for more information.
Professor, Faculty of Economics and Commerce, Keimyung Univ.

Editor-in-Chief, Environmental & Resource Economics Review (2022-2024) 
Editorial Board, Korea Energy Economic Review (2008-2021)

Visiting Research Scholar, Claremont Graduate Univ. (hosted by Paul Zak of the Centrer for Neuroeconomic Studies)

Overseas Resource Diplomacy Expert Committee, Prime Minister's Office of Rep. of Korea

General Advisory Board, Clean Energy Master Plan City of Busan, Korea

Associate Research Fellow, Korea Energy Economics Institute


senior Research fellow

Hanool Choi, Ph.D.

Hanool Choi is an Associate Professor of Business Information Science at Keimyung University. His research interests include evolutionary economics, agent-based model designing, network economics, organizational learning, and system analysis of digital trade and commerce. His frontier paper about the "network effects" published in Industrial Marketing Management at 2010  is still citied frequently by researchers in the field. He received his Ph.D. in Management Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Fore more information on Prof. Kim, For more details, please click his CV.
Assistant and Associate Professor, Keimyung University

Vice Dean, Information and Communication Center, Keimyung University

Visiting Scholar, Southern Illinois University, USA 



Youngshin Kim

senior Research fellow

Youngshin Kim, Ph.D.

Youngshin Kim is an Assistant Professor of Economics and International Commerce at Keimyung University. His research interests include experimental public choice and behavioral economics. Before joining Keimyung University, he worked as a research fellow at Korea Economic Research Institute while advising government policy in Office for Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Ministry of Health and Welfare. He received his Ph.D. in economics fom George Mason University. Fore more information on Prof. Kim, please click his CV.
Visiting Scholar, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington D.C. USA

Public Policy Advisor, Prime Minister's Secretariat, Rep. of Korea

Committee Member, Ministry of Interior and Safety, Rep. of Korea

Special Advisor, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Rep. of Korea

Research Fellow, Korea Economic Research Institute

Assistant Professor of Economics and Int'l Commerce, Keimyung Univ.


Ki-Dong Lee

senior Research fellow

Ki-Dong Lee, Ph.D.

Ki-Dong Lee is  Emeritus Professor of Economics and International Commerce at Keimyung University. He is one of the leading economists in Korea with significant contributions to the areas of international economics, regional economics, and game theory. He is the author and co-author of more than 68 refereed articles which have been published in the world-class journals, such as Journal of International Economics, Manchester School, Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, Managerial and Decision Economics, B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, etc.  Also, Prof. Lee has served in many professional appointments, including as the president of the Korean Economic and Business Association and the Korea-Japanese Economics and Management Association. He has been serving as an Associate Editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science. Fore more information on Prof. Lee, please click his CV.
Full-time Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi Univ., Japan

Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET), Rep. of Korea
Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor, Dept. of International Commerce, Keimyung Univ., Rep. of Korea
Visiting Professor, Dept. of Economics, Univ. of Washington, USA.

Emeritus Professor, Major in International Commerce, Keimyung Univ. Rep. of Korea,


min-wook hwang

technical research assistant

Min-Wook Hwang

Min-Wook Hwang is a technical research assistant with expertise in software engineering. He is interested in various programming language. His primary mission in the Center is to develop eye-tracking experiment system. He has been awared several government-sponsored grants for eye-tracking projects in Korea.

Creative Software R&D Contest Exhibit: Eye-Tracking Technology Development
Frontier Ventures and Start-ups: Automatic Data Analytic Tools with Eye-Tracking
Selected Alumni:
Name (First Placement)
 Eunkyung Kim (Expected graduation at 2025) Eunseo So (Expected graduation at 2026)
Serin Kim (Shinhan Bank)
Horim Shin (Pyeong Hwa Automotive Co.)
Dong-Jin Kim (Silkroad  Group) / Sang-Beom Ha (Daegu Credit Union) 
MD Abdus Salam (Ministry of Education, Bangladesh) / Sung-Bin Park (Woori Bank)
Gahee Kim (Yuhan Corporation) / Bobae Kwon (Daegu Manufacturing Start-up)
Byung-Wook Ha (LG-Lucem Corporation)