EPRC has a weekly "remote" meeting at every Thursday 4:30pm for the fall semester 2021 due to the COVID-19. The meeting is a space for research conversation, presentation of current research, and training on topics to EPRC.

"As the director, my work focuses on developing all the research activities of the Center, fostering collaboration with researchers across academia, industry, and government organizations."

Sunghee Choi
Center Director, Ph.D. in Economics

"I mainly use Public Choice Theory to evaluate energy policies for the purpose of designing them more effectively afterwards."

Youngshin Kim
Professor, Ph.D. in Economics

"I am a microeconomic theorist with keen interests in economic agent's responses to changes in economic policy and market structure."

Ki-Dong Lee
Professor, Ph.D. in Economics

"As a coding technician, I am devoted to developing the eye-tracking system and visualizing the results from the experiment."

Min-Wook Hwang
Technical Assistant

We have been investigating global energy markets and policy issues since 2011. Click here for more details on the Center.


We are social scientists based on Economics but are also interested in interdisciplinary works. Click here for more information on their specs. 


We have been producing various research outputs since 2011, such as, refereed journal articles, government policy reports, public funds projects, etc. Click here.


College of Social Sciences #441,
Keimyung University,
1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu,
Daegu 42601
Republic of Korea


Anytime By Appointment
Closed Weekends and National Holidays (Usually)


Sunghee Choi: choisu@kmu.ac.kr
Youngshin Kim: ykim@kmu.ac.kr